CH San-Toi’s Sienna of Simply O



GC RW Leggs Violet Dawn of Simply O

Breeder of Oriental Shorthair Cats

I fell in love with the Oriental Shorthair breed by going to my first cat show in 2005.  My first oriental was a male, Joshua.  Choosing a male was unusual for me, as my preference has always been female animals.  Orientals love their humans, and since I was never blessed with children, the fit was perfect.

My first breeding female was 7th Heaven’s Song-of-Autumn.  She was born February 21, 2008, and is a chestnut silver patched ticked tabby.  It was never my intention to be a breeder, but the only way that I could have this stunning girl was to agree to show and breed her.  I knew nothing about either, but with my mentor, Marva Marrow, I slowly learned the process.  At this point, I want to also thank my friend, Deborah Holcomb.  She is like a sister to me, and has been with me through all the births. It is with her continued friendship that allows me to show and be away from home with the confidence that my adults and kittens are taken care of as if I was home.  It was never necessary for me to have a website as Marva placed all the available kittens on her site.  Marva has many loves, one of which is cooking.  During this past year, she opened a restaurant and I started my own cattery, Simply O.

While my cattery name is new, I have bred for several years.  I love the breed.  They love their humans and each other.  They are often found in the “oriental pile”.  That pile can be found in a chair, the couch, or your lap!  My cats and kittens are raised without cages.  My preference is to have one litter at a time if at all possible.  Kittens are raised with much love and care and stay with their mother until they have been vaccinated.  I then work with them so that they can transition to their forever home with as little stress as possible to them as well as their new owners.  My home can be pretty boring because it is just me, the cats, and the kittens.  I like taking them, one at a time, across the street to Deborah’s house where more people live, along with her oriental, Kimi, and of course the dogs.  We go on car rides in hopes that they can become comfortable.  All of this seems to result in a well-adjusted kitten and positive comments from their new forever home!

– Linda Sellaro, Breeder